Save Money This Summer With The Family on Outings

1- Share when you can Look into sharing a membership to your local zoo, children’s museum or amusement park with a friend or another family member. By sharing the membership you will each get a card and most will allow a FREE guest (AKA you partner). This has saved us so much money, sometimes this is even cheaper for us than going only one time.

2– Bigger IS better  Many treats and drinks are much cheaper the bigger the size you get. A coffee or hot chocolate drink may be $2.85 for a small $3.15 for a medium and $3.40 for a large…. That’s only $.65 more for twice as much drink or …. The same as two smalls. After you get your large drink you can ask for extra cups and lids or some places like Starbucks are even be nice enough to split it up for you at no extra charge. In the end I would save $7.45 by getting 2 large drinks for my 5 kids to split vs. getting 5 small.
I have done the same with ice cream…… get a triple scoop and ask for extra cups or cones. Rethink kids meals too….. Sometimes getting an adult meal to split may be the better choice than kids meals.

3- Check out you local happenings –  Our area is filled with many seasonal events and festivals. They are FREE and exciting. You can find great value to going to these……they can offer hours of entertainment, sometimes even FREE food, little freebies and possibly raffles and prizes all while maybe discovering and area in your hometown.

4- Check on line Before you go out of town check on-line. By going to Groupon or Livingsocial you may find a fun activity or restaurants at only a fraction of the price. is also a great way to find a restaurant in the area you are visiting and save a bunch. Online also has FREE activities that are sort of like a treasure hunt they are called geocaching and letterboxing. We have pulled a few of these locations when we went on vacation and had a blast. Many of these places will take you to a special hidden place you mat not have discovered otherwise.

5- Plan ahead Planning and prepping ahead of time can be your biggest money saver. I blew my budget one time on a trip to the beach just because we forgot jackets and I had to buy 3 sweatshirts at $20 each. So plan for snacks, drinks, clothing, medicine, and personal health products.
You can also save on souvenirs by buying your little trinket and special memorabilia at a regular store vs. a gift shop at the location. If you are going to Disneyland you can get the same fun Disney coloring book and crayons at the Dollar store, saving you a bundle. The same goes for special movie premiers, the circus, water parks and Holidays.