Mindcraft Party Ideas

Do you have gamers at your house? Chances are they will love a Minecraft themed birthday party. Even if you’ve never played the game, square head decorations, birthday cake (or cupcakes) and even favors will be easy to decide on because everything is based on the pixelated look of the squares in the game!





Since the gamer plays the role of programmer in Minecraft, s/he gets to build—and break–an alternate universe. Imagine: everything ordered just like you’d want! No wonder this is a popular game! Stones, sticks, bricks and grass are liberally used in earthy greens and browns, but remember that everything is a square. Sky blue and TNT red often show up, too. Minecraft can be beautiful (mountains, the ocean) or scary (watch out for The Nether).


A dessert table with a backdrop of the iconic brown and green squares will set the stage for guest appearances by Minecraft characters Steve, hero Brine and even the dreadful creepers. Square paper plates, crepe paper or even faux brick/stone panels from a home improvement center can be used for the backdrop. Artificial turf is a great and easy touch. The familiar game axe and sword can be used decoratively on the table, even as platforms for serving menu items (make them out of cardboard or foamboard).




Menu choices that represent game pieces, such as coal, sticks, slime, diamonds, and creeper juice, will add extra fun to the table. Need suggestions? Use rice krispie treats with cocoa and black food coloring as lumps of coal; pretzels are great sticks; cheese squares or crackers stand in for lava blocks; green Jello is slime; brownies or chocolate cupcakes make super dirt clods and green frosting will represent grass; marshmallows dipped in red chocolate and topped with three white candies create mushrooms; wrap Rolo candy in red and add a licorice wick for perfect TNT. Once you begin looking at food choices, you’ll be amazed at the innovative possibilities. A beverage station that allows for guests to mix potions will be popular, too.




-You can hire a gaming station to show up at the party if you want to include actual Minecraft play.

-Build character masks or blockheads with cardboard boxes and colored cardstock as a craft activity.

-Make Minecraft character t-shirts.

-The Perler bead craft is a perfect idea because it already looks square-ish when the beads are melted.

-Hide blocks around the house/yard; prizes are awarded for the redeemed blocks.

-A piñata is always popular with kids and again, the Minecraft shapes readily translate into a piñata.

-Use those masks as fun photo props and take lots of pictures.

Any one of the craft activities will serve as take-home favors. If your dessert table includes lots of treats, you can send the bounty home with guests. Since the favors, party decorations, themed dessert table, and activities are so interconnected, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised at how simply all of these themed party components come together. You might even decide it is one of the easiest parties you’ve ever built. Your birthday gamer and guests will love the alternate birthday universe you’ve all made together!