5 Unique Things to Do With Stale Peeps

5 Unique Things to Do With Stale Peeps


Peep Jousting – Start by placing a toothpick sticking out of the front of each Peep.  Place two armed Peeps,  in a microwave facing each other. As they are  heated, they expand, until one Peep’s toothpick makes contact with the other, deeming it the winner!

Make Smores –  This may not be for everyone at they will be SUPER Sweet but the crystals on the Peeps give a great crunchy taste.

Use them for SlingshotsWhat kids wouldn’t want to sling these around the yard…. and hey, they can’t hurt anyone!!!

Save Then For Fishing Tackle –My Husband has always used mini marshmallows on his line for fishing bait and with stale Peeps they will have better float and the bright colors will attract the fish even better.

Fire Starter  –Believe it or not but Peeps are actually great for starting fires… They have such high sugar content that they will burst into flames when light on fire.