Fourth of July Budget Cookout Ideas

Fourth of July Budget Cookout Ideas

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There are a plenty of things to love about the Fourth of July. Chief among them in my neck of the woods would be FOOD! Cooking out is a must, but it is not always easy.If you are having a ton of folks over for your cookout, you better set yourself a budget. The good news is you can have a delicious 4th of July cookout and still keep the expenses down. The key to this is making adjustments that fit your friends and family. Here are several suggestions to help you save some cash on this holiday weekend:

Go Vegetarian For The Fourth

Okay, I can hear a number of you yelling party foul! Yes, you can have a wonderful cookout without a huge, expensive slab of meat. As delicious as that meat may be, it is not a must have at a cookout. Imagine roasting your vegetables on the grill instead. Perhaps have some blooming onions, roasted red peppers and baked potatoes. There are thousands of vegetarian options that can save you tons of cash if you make the right choices.

Have a Pot Luck

If everyone has something to bring, the costs of a holiday cookout is reduced a great deal. Have everyone bring something they want along with something that you need.In other words, make sure everyone brings the stuff nobody wants to bring as well as their signature dishes. Otherwise everyone will bring the easy stuff and nothing else.

Consider Cheaper Cuts of Meat

If you can’t afford Porterhouse steaks, consider strip steaks. Most of the time the cheaper cuts of meat can be cooked properly and made to be delicious. Why spend the big bucks on a cookout when you can go a bit cheaper and still have awesome food?

Combine Parties With Neighbors/Friends

There are plenty of parties going on during the holiday weekend. Why not combine forces with one or more of them? This can save you a ton of cash and increase the fun too.

Skip the Alcohol

Although alcohol is a must for some people, it is by far the most expensive addition to any Fourth of July Cookout or Barbecue. If you leave the alcohol out or have your party be BYOB, your expenses will plummet leaving more money for fun and food.

Focus Your Party Around Fun/Games Instead of Food

There is absolutely no rule that says you have to focus on food entirely. Pick some basic snacks and then focus on the entertainment instead. Here are some ideas for some amazing and easy games for kids and adults!

Stick to Finger Foods Only

Along the same lines, finger foods can really reduce the food bill. Making sandwiches, chips and dips, desserts, chips and salsa, simple stuffed burritos, veggies, fruits and the like will keep the hunger at bay while still keeping your spending at a minimum. There is no Fourth of July rule that says you have to feed a huge meal. (No matter what your Uncle might say).

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