Glowing Balloon Party Decorations

Glowing Balloon Party Decorations

glowing balloons

I know we can all feel it… The Summer nights are getting shorter and the breezes are getting cooler. But that is no excuse to stop having late night parties, BBQs, and bonfires. You just need a little more light than a few weeks ago.

These glowing balloons are the perfect solution. They give off just enough light to create a fun atmosphere, but isn’t too bright to ruin the vibe you are going for.

To create a strand of 6 balloons, it only cost me $4.00 and took less than 10 minutes to make.

glowing balloon

What you will need:

6 battery operated tea candles (color changing candles are best for this)

6 balloons of any color

Fishing line or twine

To do this, you will need to first turn on all your lights and have them ready to go. Working with one balloon at a time, stretch out the balloon and hold the opening as wide as you can. Drop in the lit candle and blow up the balloons as large as you desire.

You will want to make sure to blow all of the balloons to the same size for the best look. Once all your balloons are blown up, measure out several feet of fishing line or twine (the amount will depend on how far apart you want your balloons spaced).

Leave about a foot of your fishing line or twine on either end so you can tie it up. Tie the balloons onto the fishing line or twine at the same distance apart until all of your balloons are strung.

Hang your strand of balloons and get the party started!