Fall Activities Your Teens Will Enjoy!

Fall Activities Your Teens Will Enjoy!

Fall activities for tweens

It can be hard to find activities that your teen will enjoy. They are out of the “childish” crafts and yet not old enough to do all of the activities they want to on their own. Here are a few ideas to get them in the fall spirit and have fun (even though they may be too cool to express it!). 

Here are five of our personal favorites:

Haunted Houses

Not all haunted houses will fly well for tweens and different kids have different thresholds, but the ages of 10-12 are pretty much the target audience for most simple haunted houses. Gathering up a large group and going to a fairly innocent haunted house or haunted trail is certainly on the must do list.

Make a leaf scrapbook journal

This is a ton of fun and particularly perfect for tween gals. (Some boys will love it too) Have your tween head out to a local park for a walk with you each day and collect one special leaf. You can also do this in your backyard, or anywhere else there are variations of leaves. Then they take the leaf home and write one single paragraph in their scrapbook about that day. Pin the leaf to that day’s page and they are making memories that will never be forgotten.

Hit up the fall festivals

Nobody loves festivals more than tweens. It gives them just a little taste of independence as the parents hang out in the background and there are oceans of things to do. Concerts, dancing, games, food and so much more await your tween and you. You might even find that they let you hang out with them a bit. (If you are lucky)

Go to a corn maze

Trying to find your way through a corn maze is so much fun and it is particularly ideal for the tween set. Boys love to take the challenge to beat mom and dad through the maze and will almost certainly be up to check one out. The mazes are not as easy to find as they once were, but they are still out there. Do some checking with local farms and you will likely find one or two each season.

Pick out pumpkins together

From pumpkin pie to carving for Halloween, the fall season screams pumpkins. Nothing beats going to a pumpkin patch and picking out just the perfect one. If you have a tween that particularly likes cooking, now is a wonderful time to introduce them to pumpkin as a special ingredient. Have the boys hunt down the perfect one to scare the neighbors and have the gals grab one or two for the kitchen table. Mom can pick out the perfect one to eat.