How To Buy Your Christmas With Your Clutter

How To Buy Your Christmas With Your Clutter

How To Buy Your Christmas With Your Clutter

The Christmas season can be one of the most magical and frustrating times of the year. Unless you have everything perfectly organized and you finished shopping in September, you are likely to run into a few snags along the gift buying road. There are a ton of great ideas to make money during the Christmas season, but I like to go with the one that will solve more than one problem at a time. Making money and getting rid of clutter.

Two of the most irritating problems in my life are money and clutter. I have too much of one and not enough of the other most of the time. (I will let you figure out which is which)

That said, I have a trick that will help you get rid of clutter and give you more money at the same time. It isn’t rocket science, but it is effective. Why not clear out your clutter, sell of the extras and use that money to fund your Christmas season to come?

How to do it:

Clear out your closets, kitchen drawers, garage and under that bed to determine what you need to get rid of. This is not something that has to take a ton of time. Commit to downsizing and getting rid of the extra and do it!You will be so pleased to have all that extra space and put a few holiday dollars in your pocket.

Next, take the valuable items to where you can get the most for them. Watches, cell phones, electronics and things of this nature can usually draw decent money at a pawn shop or flea market. Specialty items or collector items can be auctioned off online or through an auctioneer club.

Whatever is left, you can add to a garage sale. Take whatever people are offering and when you are finished, have Goodwill or The Salvation Army come and pick up what is left for donation and a tax write off. This yard sale can be a very laid back affair. The idea is to get what you can, but be happy to donate it in the end. This is about clearing clutter and money, so give equal weight to both.

After all of this, you should have more than enough to put a huge dent in your Christmas budget. You will also have  a much cleaner home and even some happy folks using things you didn’t even need!