How To Drink More Water Throughout The Day

How To Drink More Water Throughout The Day

How To Drink More Water Throughout The Day

How To Drink More Water Throughout The Day

I am one of those people that will only drink one or two glasses of water a day.  I don’t find myself particularly thirsty and I often drink other beverages like coffee or a soda throughout the day. I am making it my New Year’s resolution to start drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day, and I can already tell it has made such a difference.

I have more energy, I have noticed breakouts on my face have declined, and I have not had one of my frequent headaches this week. Now, I did not have the discipline to just tell myself “drink more water.” It was and will continue to be hard to make these changes in my busy day. 

While it is hard to stay consistent, using a few tricks, I am able to get into the routine and even want more water during my day.

  1. Set a Timer:

Set a timer for every hour on the hour. You can do this on your stove, phone, or any other timer. When it goes off, it’s time to chug a glass!

  1. Get a Fitbit:

Not only will this help you track your steps and sleep, it will monitor your sleep and remind you to drink water! In the app, set up how often it will remind you and that’s it. Every hour your FitBit will vibrate, when it does, chug a glass!

  1. Infuse your water:

This one has been my favorite by far! Get a water bottle with an infuser and add fruits, vegetables, herbs or anything else you can think of. My favorites were cucumber/strawberry and lemon/mint.

  1. Drink tea:

If you are a tea drinker, this one is perfect for you. Keep in mind, it will be much better for you if you omit the sugar and cream. Instead, try adding lemon or a little bit of honey!

  1. Challenge Someone:

Knowing that you aren’t alone can really brighten things up and bring out your competitive side. Whether it is a friend, relative, or a coworker, set up a system that works for you. Send an email at that 2 O’clock hour, a text in the evening, or meetup to have tea. You can even place wagers for whoever drinks the most water each week!

Good luck!