5 Best Shows To Binge Watch

5 Best Shows To Binge Watch

5 Best Shows To Binge Watch

Hello, my name is Pickett and I have a binge watching addiction.

I have never binge watched a show in my life before this month, and now that I have? I’m a changed person. I know that I am incredibly late to the party, but I never felt so emotionally involved in a show (and lazy) before I watched 5 glorious seasons of Breaking Bad in two weeks. It was all I thought about, it’s what I looked forward to, and now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do….

Oh wait, I’ve already started binge watching The Walking Dead! And you know what? It’s all good guys, because there will always be another show. 😉

Here are five of the best shows to binge watch!

The Walking Dead – Not everyone can stomach the blood and zombies, but it is one of those shows that if you watch long enough, you won’t even care.The story telling in this show is sensational and the unpredictable nature of it will keep you riveted through every single season.

Friends – This is an oldie but a goodie. If you want a pick me up, then Friends is the perfect show to binge watch. Every episode will make you laugh and the story does progress from season to season.

Breaking Bad – While snowed in for the weekend… I blew through 3 seasons of this show and I was HOOKED!  This is a killer show and you really should give it a chance, you will be drawn in, in the first episode!!! Binge away!

The Sopranos – If you never saw it, you are in for a treat. There are some shows that you wish you hadn’t seen just because of the pure joy you know you will get by watching. This show is the perfect example. Serial television at it’s finest.

Game of Thrones – There is a reason this show is red hot and continues to thrill fans all the time. For action, adventure, romance and countless other reasons, this show will keep you coming back again and again.

These are my choices for the best shows to binge watch that I’ve seen or hope to. What are yours? Share your favorite options in the comments below!