The Best Everyday Wine Hacks

The Best Everyday Wine Hacks

I love wine hacks and cannot share these enough! I have tried most of these hacks and searched high and low for this collection of hacks for wine. First let’s embrace the art of wine through this awesome website.  There are a zillion thing to learn and tricks to know about wine. Educate yourself and let’s learn the hacks.

Cure that bottle of hot or warm wine! No one likes hot wine. No one I know anyway. (Smile) There is an art to understanding wine, drinking wine and knowing wine etiquette however here are the rules to chilling a glass or bottle of hot or wine.

  1. Frozen grapes should be use as ice cubes. Red grapes for red wine and white grapes for white wine.
  2. Use leftover wine and make ice cubes with them. Get fancy and round ice cubes or star ones or extra large ones.
  3. Pop a bottle of hot or warm wine into the freeze for 15 to 20 minutes to chill it. If you can wrap it in a damp hand towel for faster results.
  4. Quickly chill white wines by adding a handful of salt into icy water.
  5. Drop an ice pop in it to cool it down and treat yourself in the process.

Here are some other unique hacks:

-Use a coffee filter to remove cork pieces from wine. Yep, just use it like strainer and do not spill any wine whatever you do. Cork does get into wine every blue moon no matter how good you are at uncorking however this is an easy using this method.

-Check red wine stains right in there tracks with white wine and table salt. This neutralize the red wine stain making it very easy to remove. Yes, you need to use a good amount of salt to neutralize this. One third of white wine to two thirds of table salt.

-Use leftover red wine and white wine for cooking versus having a huge bottle take up space in the refrigerator. A splash of either can do wonders for pasta.  It can also be used in homemade sherbet.

-Protect wine when traveling to events, picnics and cookouts the old school way. What is the old school way?  By placing it in a pool noodle or sock versus the new wine holders.

-Wine to tart? Add fruits to wine to sweeten them. I refer pineapple however there are several which are good to use for this purpose. Not to make Sangrias but to sweeten the wine and enjoy afterwards.

-Enhance less expensive wines by blending them for 30 – 45 seconds in the blender. This works wonders for less expensive wines.

-Store open bottles of wines on the side or at a tilt to prevent oxidation.  This is very important to the life of your used vino.

-Use leftover red wine to clear skin. The antioxidants work wonders for blemishes and aging. Use it like an astringent.

Loving this wine hacks! Yes, I have more however I want to hear some of your wine hacks. What would you add to the list of wine hacks?