The Best Hole In The Wall Places In PDX

The Best Hole In The Wall Places In PDX
The Best Hole In The Wall Places In PDXhole-in-the-wall-pdx

Once you find a small cafe or restaurant that you love, no big chain will ever compare! Being from the PDX area, I’ve definitely gotten to know a few. We are known for all our unique restaurants and food carts after all! Whether you are a local, or will be visiting soon, be sure to check out at least one of these!

  1. Gravy

    – This is downright the best breakfast cafe I’ve ever had. This restaurant is located in the heart of PDX and is very small, only seating about 30 people at a time, but it will be so worth the wait. Their gravy is made fresh everyday with the option between sausage and vegetarian. I recommend going with a group of people and share as many items as you can, The things I suggest you try are: Biscuits and Gravy, The Bacatto Omelet, French Toast, and of course, their Hot Chocolate.

  2. Cafe Delirium

    – Okay, so this isn’t technically PDX, but close enough. This Cafe is in Downtown Gresham and is the ultimate meeting place to catch up with friends, work on schoolwork, or to come be lazy. Oh, and do enjoy one of their incredible drinks at the same time. I recommend: Snickers Mocha, Peppermint Patty, and their Italian Sodas.

  3. Nicholas

    – If you have never tried Lebanese food, this is a great place to start.There is a restaurant in both Downtown PDX and Gresham. Your eyes will widen when the first thing they do is bring you a piece of Pita Bread the size of your table! After eating three of those and looking over the menu, I recommend the thing I have gotten every time I go: a Falafel Sandwich and a piece or their scrumptious Baklava.

  4. China Star

    -Being completely honest, when you pull up, you will think this place is super sketchy. But my family and I have been going for over a dozen years. One thing to be warned of though: you will get a TON of food! I always order to go for the family and chow down at least a dozen crab puffs on the car ride home. My favorite items are the : Crab Puffs (Get a ton of these!), BBQ Pork, Pan Fried Noodles, and Fried Shrimp.

  5. Pine State Biscuits

    – When your lips meet one of their delicious biscuit sandwiches, you will fall in love. This is the kind of food you dream about… This is another one where the wait will be SO WORTH IT! I personally have only ordered one thing because I can’t imagine a life where I come here and don’t get it. So, of course, I recommend the Chatfield Sandwich. This is a biscuit topped with fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and apple butter. I highly suggest you ask for more apple butter, because…. well…. apple butter?