The BEST Spring Cleaning Hacks

The BEST Spring Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning is a chore no matter how you look at it. It can be considered a good chore or a not so good chore however no matter how you look at it cleaning hacks can make it better. Cleaning hacks are plentiful and I enjoy exploring all of them. Here are a few of my faithful few. Please note I try to stay green when cleaning and stay away from harsh chemicals so some of my hacks may be a little more creative than expected.

Kitchens need embracing from top to bottom. I give mine a deep clean weekly and a through cleaning nightly. It is just how I was raised. A person’s kitchen and bathrooms cleanliness say a lot about them and I want mine to say she is a very clean lady. 🙂 So I use these few tricks to achieve the level of clean I desire in the kitchen, bathroom and throughout the house period.

Coffee filters:  They allow you to clean anything and everything better! They are the ultimate cleaning cloth and dust cloth.

  • A coffee filter works wonders for dusting appliance screens, mirror and furniture. Unlike paper towels coffee filters do not streak.

Vinegar:  This is your best friend for cleaning thoroughly and naturally. Use it to clean just about everything.

  • For your cutting boards and countertops just create a solution of ⅓ water, ⅓ vinegar and ⅓ lemon juice. Spray and wipe them clean.
  • With your shower heads just fill a plastic zip bag with enough vinegar to cover the spray part and tie the bag onto the nozzle and let soak for about ten to fifteen minutes and watch all the grime and lime build up soak away. I like to do this bi-weekly.
  • Use vinegar to clean the dishwasher and washer machine. It works wonders I tell you.

Keep in mind vinegar disinfects just as well as bleach so use it like a bleach. For general cleaning mix one part water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle and clean away.

Vodka: The best mattress cleaner ever! Yes, you can clean your mattress and I have been for at least twenty years. I have tried everything imaginable because when I see one of those commercials about why you should replace your mattress because of dust mites, dead skin etc… I just want to deep clean mine on a regular basis so when I found out about this Vodka trick it made sense. Fill a spray bottle with vodka and spray down your mattress. Now only with it kill the bacteria it will also disinfect it as well.

Eliminate trash can odors with newspaper and dryer sheets. Yep this is an interesting trick. Place newspaper in the bottom of your trash cans to absorb liquids that eventually create odors. Also, put a dryer sheet or two to give it a pleasant smell. You may also place your favorite essential oil or scent on the newspaper as well.

Thoroughly clean your blender by allowing it to clean itself. Rinse, add warm water till it is half full, add a few drops of dish detergent and turn it of blend for a few minutes. It will be store fresh clean. Just make sure to rinse it very well and allow it to air dry thoroughly.

I am not the Queen of Clean however these cleaning hacks allow me to feel like the Queen of Clean. They work and I highly recommend each of them. What cleaning hacks would you like to add?