DIY Paper Hyacinth Flower Bouquets

DIY Paper Hyacinth Flower Bouquets

Ahhhh…. On Tuesday, the sun peeked out, and it got up to 43 degrees outside. So you know what that means: Spring is on it’s way!!! Well, maybe not. Especially when I look outside now and it’s kinda icy, and you know, 17 degrees with the wind chill.


I know I can’t be the only one who feels like Winter should be over with the new year, even though it only began weeks ago. But, now that we have decluttered the house of all the holiday decorations, got rid of a ton of junk, and we are back in a routine and know what day it is again, I am in the Spring Cleaning mood.


I am so ready for light colors, being able to have the window open, dry laundry on the clothesline, and have fresh flowers in the yard, and filling all of our vases. And since this is still several months away, we will just have to make do. So until then, I will be burning my “April Shower” candles and making a ton of these Paper Hyacinth flowers for my vases. These flowers are super simple to make and are so beautiful to have all around your house. Try incorporating more colors into each flower to create an ombre effect. Learn how to make them below!


Paper Hyacinth Flowers

What You Will Need:

1. Colored craft papers
2. Scissors
3. Craft glue


  • Select a color of choice and cut the paper into a strip of at least 2 inches width and length of your choice. Make a thin fold (1 cm would work) along any one of the vertical edges of the paper strip.paper hyacinth step (1)
  • Cut fringes on the paper strip lengthwise, leaving the thin folded area intact. Try keeping the fringes thin and even.

paper hyacinth step (2)

  • Done cutting the fringes? Time to make the swirls! Start rolling each strip from its end and all the way to the other end (near the intact area) to make a swirly pattern.

paper hyacinth step (3)

  • Roll each fringe one by one, carefully and neatly. This step takes time, be patient!

paper hyacinth step (4)

  • Before making the flower we’ll need a stem for it. Use green craft paper to make the stem. Cut a strip of green craft paper of about 2 X 8 inches.

paper hyacinth step (5)

  • Start rolling the green paper diagonally from any one of its corner.

paper hyacinth step (6)

  • Keep rolling the green paper until reaching the other end and forming the stem. Apply glue when you reach the end of the paper to secure the roll.

paper hyacinth step (7)

  • Take the swirled-fringed paper and apply glue along the intact part of it (along the opposite side of the swirled fringes).

paper hyacinth step (8)

  • Start to wrap the glued area of the paper around the green rolled paper (the stem), from the top. Keep the swirled paper slightly diagonal while wrapping it around the stem.

paper hyacinth step (9)

  • Keep rolling until the swirled paper ends. Make sure you glue the end neatly.

paper hyacinth step (10)

  • Use green craft papers to make the leaves. Cut green craft paper into 2 x 2 inches or 2 x 3 inches. Fold the paper into 1 cm accordion fold and cut pointy edges on any one side of the accordion folded paper.

paper hyacinth step (11)

  • Unfold the paper and glue it around the stem slightly diagonally for the leaves.

paper hyacinth step (12)

  • Allow the glue to dry and meanwhile make a bunch of these cute hyacinth flowers!

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