Simple Ways To Treat Yourself While Pregnant

Simple Ways To Treat Yourself While Pregnant


Sometimes, you need a timeout

Between an occupation, friends, and family, life just gets busy. No matter the week, month, or quarter, a break is always needed. But where is the time? Unfortunately, time won’t magically appear to fix your self-care needs. Thankfully, there are easy ways to destress at home as well.

Here are some simple ways to treat yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Breathe in, breathe out

Sure, it might sound cheesy, but meditation is a go-to technique for a reason. Try some simple meditation videos and see if this technique helps to calm or recenter you, when given the chance.

If this still sounds too intimidating, try making your own meditation time-out by placing yourself in a serene area, perhaps with incense or candles burning. Breathe in and out, focusing on this action and letting thoughts come and go.

Take a bath

Thoughts and heart racing? Take a time out with a warm or hot bath. While a long shower may also do the trick, forcing yourself to draw and sit in a bath will also create a safe, comfy space ideal for self-reflection. This also saves water!

Try a bubble bath, or go all out with a bath bomb and candles (safely lit and always supervised, of course). If getting clean in a bath seems impossible for you, try tying up your hair during your bath, and showering separately.

Treat your taste-buds

Feeling down? It’s not always wrong to turn to food to turn your mood around. While stress and binge-eating is unhealthy, taking a snack break is healthy. In fact, many successful people operate on a food schedule that includes snacks every 2-3 hours-essential for an energy and mood pick-me-up.

To make this more of a relaxation and alternative space activity, try baking or cooking the food from scratch. Learning a new skill or expanding on one you already have is a great way to entertain the intellectual part of your brain. If these areas do not correspond with your occupation, this will also expand your knowledge and point of view in life.

Read for pleasure

News, words, and trashy novels are all around us each and every day. And while you may not want to consume just any random piece of writing when writing a research paper or document, sometimes alternative pieces of writing are just what we need to relax and calm down.

Unlike movies and online video that only entertain the brain on the surface level, any sort of reading, even reading of trashy novels or romance plots exercises the brain. Don’t be afraid to transport yourself to an alternate universe as a break from life now and then.

Take your time

Self-care is an essential activity, but it is an activity. Take your time in any attempts you make, and be patient with the progress you make in implementing activities. Learning to take care of yourself, especially on a busy schedule, is hard and will require work. Keep trying and pushing on, and soon self-care will become a part of your natural routine.


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