Conceiving With The Stork OTC

Conceiving With The Stork OTC

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As I’m sure many of you may know, starting a family is a wee bit more difficult than the movies make it seem. Sometimes, it can seem impossible. You’ve read all of the articles, taken your vitamins, even tried wacky ideas like different positions or facing your bed North to boost fertility and conception. But, sometimes you just need a little extra help. And what better time to try than during the holidays?! The holiday season is all about family already, so expanding yours during this time just makes sense. I mean, maybe this is why there are so many September and October babies? 😉

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If you have been trying to become pregnant, but are not at the point of IVF or other costly fertility treatments, The Stork OTC may be the right fit for you. The Stork OTC is an at home medical device you can use when trying to become pregnant. This device is perfect for couples who have had trouble conceiving naturally, have received a diagnosis of low sperm count, sperm immobility, or an unfavorable vaginal environment. You can purchase The Stork OTC at select Target stores nationwide in the family planning section right next to the ovulation test kits. They are now available for $59.99 at most retailers and are also available online HERE.

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My husband and I tried to conceive for about 6 months with no luck before we became pregnant. While in the beginning, it was more of a “we aren’t trying to NOT get pregnant,” it was still disappointing each month when my period rolled around. We both knew that conceiving could take some time, and we had not gotten to the point of  reaching out to medical professionals. The Stork OTC was a great option for us while we were still in the early stages of trying for a family. And after we took the plunge and used The Stork OTC, it was the month we got two pink lines!!!


The Stork OTC, which uses the Cervical Cap Insemination Technique, has shown to have up to a 20% success rate- which I think is incredible for an at home device! This success rate is going to vary person to person, and whether you have the timing down. For more detailed information on this device, please visit The Stork OTC’s website HERE. When you use this device, you will want to make sure you are actively ovulating. You can either take an at home ovulation test, or pay attention to your cervical mucus.

Paying attention to your cervical mucus is the absolute best way to be in tune with your body, cycle, and fertility. Immediately before ovulation, you will notice that your discharge will become very stretchy, with a consistency similar to raw egg whites. When you notice this discharge, you know it’s time to get down and busy! While you do not need to have sex or use The Stork OTC the second you see this discharge, you will have the best chances of conceiving if you do so within the next 6-10 hours.

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We have actually just welcomed our little bundle into the world less than a week ago, and I can’t even describe how worth the wait he is! I am wishing all of you two bright pink lines, and lots of fun trying! 😉


If you are trying to conceive, or will be soon, please join me for a Twitter Party talking about trying to conceive during the holidays and for a chance to win great prizes on December 21st at 8:00PM Eastern Time!