7 Genuine Compliments To Make Someone’s Day

7 Genuine Compliments To Make Someone’s Day

We all know how good it makes us feel when we receive compliments. But we also know how much better it makes us feel when it is something genuine, and you can tell they mean it. Well, I want to know: if it makes us feel so good, why don’t we do it more often?

I’m not just talking about telling your girlfriends you think their hair is awesome today, or that their eyebrows are “on fleek.” Seriously, give a random strangers thoughtful compliments they will remember for days whenever they think about it again, look in the mirror, do that thing again.

Many people will say that giving someone a compliment is the same as flirting, but I don’t see it that way at all! My husband and I are very happily married, and we feel comfortable making others feel good about themselves- male or female. I just told my barista yesterday that the color of his beanie brought out the green in his eyes, and that they were stunning- and it was true! He smiled real big, said thank you, and handed me my coffee. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, if you want this to lead into flirting- that is very easy to do. 😉

If you are struggling to come up with a nice thing to say, I’ve made a little cheat sheet below. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone! 😉

Comment on their eyes: Eye compliments are always my favorite to give and receive- it means they are having to truly look at you and notice one of the most vulnerable parts of your body: “the window to your soul.”

“You smell so good!”: When someone smells good, they are obviously taking extra steps to make sure of it. So why not tell them and let them know to keep up the good work?

I really appreciate you: If someone helps you out with something, telling them wholeheartedly how much you appreciate them can make them feel great about themselves and helping.

You are such a hard worker: This is one I give my husband often along with a thank you. being a dedicated hard worker is well, hard. Getting a little appreciation for that will keep your spirits high.

You have such a nice voice: This can be for someone you called on the phone for help, or even the person on the other side of the drive through voice box.

Their appearance: Compliment the outfit they clearly took time to pick out, their hair, new pair of shoes… Just make it specific and genuine!

Something they made: Whether they made you a meal, a card, brought treats to a staff meeting, or anything else, make sure to say thanks and comment on it. When someone personally makes something for others, it is putting themselves out there. Give them confidence and a booster!

Now, men AND women: when your significant other goes and gets a new outfit, hairdo, makes you dinner, or anything else, make sure you say something! It will only help keep the spark alive and give them the attention they deserve.