My Top Motherhood Hacks

My Top Motherhood Hacks

Motherhood is one of life’s greatest joys. Once you become a mother, you’ll know you have to do what is most convenient for yourself while being best for your children. Over the years, I have complied these pretty awesome hacks.

-Please paint the top of your keys are get the key covers. Nothing is worst than fidgeting at the door for the correct key with the kiddos in tow, Painting or marking each key a different color helps you quickly see the key you want.

-Make Amazon Pantry your BFF! Seriously, make Amazon Pantry your BFF and let them do your shopping for you and deliver it. There is no shame in this game. Groceries without a trip to the store with the kids in tow is excellent.

-Color code your kids and you will thank me. By color coding I mean assign each person in the house a color and let their entire being focused around that color with the family calendar, bath towels, blankets etc… This may sound a little special however it helps everyone associate that particular color with that particular person. Trust me it works wonders on a family calendar, a mess left behind, fighting over a blanket and more.

-Self indulge in daily snapshots of your kids before going shopping, to an amusement park or any crowded place. You always want a current picture of exactly what they are wearing and what they look like in case you need it.

-Make sure the family eats together. If you have a challenge with the family sitting still try listening to an audiobook during dinner. This encourages listening skills and paying attention. This is truly a win win for younger children. As they grow older it will become easier to manage them at dinner time.

-Make chores a family affair at every age. Assign everyone a task as soon as they are walking and talking. Children learn by example and through play so encourage them with example and play. Make a game and song out of cleaning up.

-Make special tooth fairy money by decorating money with glue and glitter. This is probably a no no because it should still be in circulation however you are going to keep it forever and ever.

-Make an Art Travel Kit out of a DVD case. It is perfect for neatly organizing pad, pencils and other crafts.

-Keep your old phones and tablets for your children’s play. This works really well because they cannot access everything like they could on a fully operational phone or tablet.

-Pack bags and lunches at night whenever you are planning to go somewhere. Always pack a separate Mom save the day bag which should include a few back up items and emergency care items.

I really like these Motherhood hacks. I could go on and on with my list of Motherhood hacks. What would you add to the list?